Henry David Thoreau once said: “live like a traveler at home” (Thoreau himself had  “traveled a great deal in Concord”).

We all long for those far-flung, exotic places — I have even been to a few of these. But not everyone has the time or resources to be on the road often. At any rate, “what does Africa stand for?” if we do not learn how to experience every place and every moment? Are we merely to add some souvenirs and vacation photos to our collections?

A traveler is not a tourist. Their perspectives are different. A traveler goes to places with his eyes and heart open, even places near home. Buddha says: you can see the world in a drop of water. While I won’t go that far, I do believe that there is even beauty in one’s backyard.

Thus I set out to write this blog to record my observations and reflections on my travels at home, or even occasionally travels to those far-flung places. I won’t add entries often, but when I do, every piece is a unique experience.

If you want o know more about me, you can also visit my personal website www.travelerathome.com.


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