Nature’s Spectacle


Our first sighting of the horseshoe crab at Sandy Point Park in Maryland was not the last we would see of these prehistoric creatures.

Horseshoe Sandy Point

Horseshoe crabs are in fact not crustaceans at all, they are related to spiders and scorpions and have evolved over millions of years.  They live at the bottom of sandy or muddy floors of the ocean and thousands come ashore to spawn during the spring time.

We got to Slaughter Beach (Delaware) around 7:45pm and thousands of horseshoe crabs were washed ashore by the high tides.

Coming ashore

The males, about 20% smaller than the females, usually arrives first.  He will cling on the female’s back while she digs a hole in the sand and deposit her eggs which will then be fertilized by her mate.

Horseshoe crab one on onejpg

Most of the time, though, other males will attach themselves to the pair forming a cluster with five or six males and…

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