To me, Texas is home away from home. Not only had I lived for 8 years there, I still have friends and family there whom I go visit every now and then.

So during the week between Christmas 2010 and New Year’s Day 2011 I revisited Enchanted Rock, the most charming place in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Enchanted Rock itself is a huge pink granite monolith, rising some 425 feet from the base. While 425 feet is not a daunting number, because of the bare rock surface and the optical illusion of it being two-dimensional viewed from a distance, the scene is dramatic if you behold it for the first time (I, on the other hand, knew what to expect as I had been here before).

The view from the top of the rock is equally impressive: from there you get a 360-degree panoramic view of the Hill Country. Also interesting is how different plant species eke out a living in the harsh environment. There are many “weathering pits” on the surface of the rock formed from eons of erosion. Rain water collects in these pits, and the tenacious grasses and even cacti take a foothold. This is really the beginning of the disintegration of the rock itself.

On this winter day, because of the southern latitude, temperature remained in the 50s (Fahrenheit), I saw dragonflies, mockingbirds, and black-crested titmice, a distinctly Texas and Mexico subspecies (can you say Tex-Mex?) of the more prevalent tufted titmice.

Such was my brief excursion in a once-familiar country. When I have time, I will tell you more about the jewels of the Texas Hill Country.

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One Response to Enchanted

  1. Leila says:

    Great to get your new link! i will visit here often! That bird is a real good one. I see them around all the time. but never manage to get a nice shot. thanks for sharing!

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